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Do we have some good news for those who like to read their comics right to left. Humble Bundle is making the most of the release of Alita Battle Angle (to be released locally 14 Feb), announcing yesterday the Fantasy by Kodansha Comics bundle. Kodansha is one of the foremost publishers of manga in the world, responsible for Attack on Titan and Akira amongst many others.

Unlike other bundles on offer on Humble Bundle, this one is a bit thinly spread on the bottom. In the bottom bracket, if you are willing to depart with one measly dollar, you get Volume 1-3 of Drifting Dragons, where you can join the draking vessel Quin Zaza on their hunt for dragons. That is unfortunately it, and you need to cough up a lot more for other titles. For $8 you receive Clockwork Planet Vol. 1-5 and Land of the Lustrous Vol. 1-5, amongst others, telling the strange tale of the jewel people vs. the moon people.

There’s two more bundles to work through before the big one, $15 and $18, containing titles such as Heaven's Design Team Vol. 1-2 and I 'm Standing on a Million Lives Vol. 1-4 respectively. If you do want to find Battle Angel Alita, you would need to say goodbye to $20, where you will then receive Vol. 1-3 in its full PDF glory, as well as three other titles. Amongst them is That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 1-4., where a Japanese salaryman gets, well, reincarnated as a slime monster.

Want to read Battle Angel Alita but don’t want to cough up $20? Head over to Comixology and subscribe to their Unlimited option. For $6 you get access to Volume 1-9, plus thousands of other comics from loads of publishers.


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