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In recent weeks, the gaming world's eyes have been on Sony and the rumours surrounding their 4K sporting PS4 console. Now new details have emerged following a document cited by website Giant Bomb. Along with the difference in specifications between the current PS4 model and the soon-to-be released 4K one, the console has been codenamed "NEO".

In terms of specifications, it appears as if Sony has introduced a number of tweaks for the NEO PS4. The CPU is reportedly an octa-core Jaguar chipset, that clocks at 2.1 GHz on the new model compared to 1.6 GHz on the current model.

Moving onto the graphics performance, the NEO PS4 will tout the same AMD GCN architecture as the previous model, but doubles the CUs with 36 and clocks at a higher 911 Mz. The RAM has also been improved, with an 8 GB GDDR5 setup capable of reaching 218 GB/s.

According to Giant Bomb, the NEO PS4 could retail for $399. Sadly no release date is confirmed by Sony, but most sources say a global reveal at E3 2016 in June (14-16) is on the cards.   

Perhaps most interesting however, are reports that game studios will have to create both "base" and "NEO" versions of their games. Whether previously released titles like Fallout 4 will receive the NEO treatment is up for debate.


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