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Following on from last week’s earlier teaser trailer, finally, a full blown Call of Duty: Black Ops III trailer has emerged, and it’s a doozy. As earlier hinted, the game will indeed question how far technology can and should go, before man becomes a machine and a soldier becomes just a weapon. Interesting premise aside, the forthcoming game – slated for an early November release – is also bringing a host of newness to the mix.

For example, reminiscent of the excellent Sunset Overdrive (review), players will be able to customise their character, choosing between male and female lead characters.   

What is also interesting though is that developers, Treyarch appear to be upping their game, going head to head with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Advanced Warfare games. The studio has commented that they are aiming the new Black Ops III to boast the deepest and richest experience seen in a Call of Duty game to date. Consider the gauntlet thrown.

For example, players can look forward to crafting and personalising their own weapons, for use in the multiplayer and campaign alike, as well as play the campaign in a multitude of ways, including solo (of course) as well as up to four player co-op. In an interview with, the developers further promised the most expansive zombies experience to date – with more details to come later in the year – and the deepest multiplayer experience in the franchise as well.

Granted, you could dismiss this as the usual talk to come from a developer prior to a COD game, but there is another reason to cast an eye on this one. The new trailer somewhat coyly promises to fulfill a fantasy that more than a few Terminator fans may have had since Arnold Schwarzenegger grunted “I’ll be back” – to fight a robotic/cybernetic killing machine themselves. Take a look at the trailer below.


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