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While sports documentaries are a dime a dozen, those dealing with esports are not quite as easy to find. Valve’s Free to Play comes to mind, and now another is on the horizon - All Work All Play: The Pursuit of eSports Glory. It follows Season Nine of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), a global pro-gaming tour that sees the best gamers from around the globe competing for the championship title. More specifically, it documents the year leading up to the highly popular League of Legends 2105 final, held in in Katowice, Poland, capturing a number of international teams along the way.

Patrick Creadon, known for Wordplay, is at the helm, raising the question about esports’ legitimacy in a world dominated by other, more physical sports. Talking to Fast Company, Creadon notes, "We wanted to make a movie that gamers could celebrate and understand, and point to it and say, `That’s why we love video games.’ At the same time, parents could look at it and say, `Now I get it.’ The trick was finding the right amount of complexity."

 All Work All Play has already opened in the States in limited theatres. We’re uncertain if it will come to SA anytime soon. Check the trailer below, and after that browse to a Vice documentary to see just how massive esports have become.


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