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20 million. That is the magic number that Nintendo is closing in on sales of its Nintendo Switch console, racking up a healthy 19.67 million sales of the device so far according to Engadget. Why is 20 million the magic number? Because it is what Nintendo predicted it would achieve earlier this year.

To say the console has been a runaway success would not be an understatement, as it far surpasses its poor beleaguered predecessor, the Wii U, which managed to choke out a meager 13.5 million units over its lifetime. To give a bit of perspective to those numbers though, consider that the Wii, despite not exactly being a graphics powerhouse, racked up sales of 101 million units during its run.

As to why the Switch is doing so well, it could be attributed to a sound concept (players love having the option of taking their games with them when they travel) and solid games. Indeed, Nintendo had a terrific launch on the games front right out the gate, with two titles in particular (Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild) that garnered pretty much every award under the sun. The question is whether Nintendo can carry on going strong with unique first party titles into the year – and years – ahead.

Clearly, investors are going to be watching the sales of the next upcoming tentpole title from the House of Mario – Super Smash Bros Ultimate, very closely.


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