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If you ever dreamt of Elon Musk stopping the first production model Tesla motorbike at your front porch and handing you the keys – uhm, weird dreams dude. That said, while Tesla is leading the pack when it comes to electric cars, don’t ever expect an electric bike from them.

The reason, according to Jalopnik, is quite simple: Elon Musk was almost killed on one.

Apparently Musky was quite the dirt biker when he was younger here in South Africa, riding them for about eight years. It was his street bike, however, that almost got him killed. Not much is known about the incident, except that he was almost hit by a truck. This stopped not only young Musk’s interest in these death traps, but also all future Tesla investment in an electric bike. All this thanks to a trucker who might not have seen the young Musk due to a blind spot in his side-mirror.

Musk told the story at Tuesday’s Tesla shareholder meeting, where he survived a proposal to oust him as chairman of the board. Not only did shareholders vote overwhelmingly to retain him, but Electrek reports that a bid from some investors to remove board members who are not independent or don’t have experience in the auto industry also failed.


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