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You might have thought Nokia was dead and buried a few years back, but the latest sales figures prove exactly the opposite. Nokia licensee, HMD Global has sold 4.4 million smartphones in Q4 2017, according to figures from Counterpoint.

Tweets from analyst and partner at Counterpoint, Neil Shah notes that this means more people put a Nokia in their pocket than smartphones from Sony, Google, HTC, OnePlus and Lenovo - not bad for a brand that basically had to come back from zero. No doubt then that smartphones such as the Nokia 8, and Nokia 6 did the trick, providing solid features at decent prices.

The revised Nokia 3310 also set tongues wagging and helped secure Nokia’s number one position worldwide for feature phones sales, with a 15% share of the market. When it comes to smartphones, well that is a bit of a different story, with Nokia currently ranking at 11th globally, with a less than impressive 1%. That’s not to say there’s some strong markets out there, with Nokia coming in third after Samsung and Apple in the UK. The combined tally of feature and smartphone sales allow Nokia to stay firm at 6th place, with 5% of worldwide sales.  

Shah provided some hints and tips to the brand, stating that HMD Global should focus on smartphone demand in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He also believes Nokia has a lot of brand equity left in India, the second largest market globally, and if they can crack the subcontinent, the brand might just rise into the top five market.


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