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Before the start of the new Formula 1 season and with pre-season testing underway, PUMA has announced a partnership with F1 Academy, a new project from Formula 1 to develop and prepare female drivers to progress to higher levels of competition started in 2023. The partnership combines PUMA's legacy in motorsport with F1 Academy's commitment to fostering excellence in women's racing.

PUMA notes its involvement with F1 Academy extends beyond the track, as the brand proudly becomes a key race gear supplier to six F1 Academy drivers as part of the partnership. The company believes this will not only solidify PUMA's presence within the world of racing but also establish the brand as a crucial player in supporting the next generation of female talents.

PUMA is also making a statement with one exceptional car and driver. The PUMA car, featuring a special PUMA livery, is driven by the talented youngster Aurelia Nobels. This is a commitment to empowerment and diversity in the world of women’s motorsports.

PUMA states it stands as the ideal partner for F1 Academy, bridging a legacy in women's motorsport. From the pioneer involvement as official racewear supplier for W Series from 2019 - 2022 to the current motorsport brand ambassadors such as Naomi Schiff and 2023 F1 Academy Champion Marta García.  PUMA´s contributions, such as the development of female only customised racesuits, underscore the brand´s commitment to breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity.

F1 Academy managing director, Susie Wolff comments, “Through its collaborations with the world’s biggest artists and creators, PUMA has been able to push the boundaries between sport, lifestyle, and fashion to create streetwear which reaches a wider and more diverse audience. This, coupled with PUMA’s strong motorsport legacy and its commitment to innovation make it the perfect brand to collaborate with F1 Acadamy as the series looks to inspire a younger generation of fans.”

Maria Valdes, PUMA chief product officer, notes, “PUMA's collaboration with F1 Academy is so much more than just a sponsorship; it's a continued commitment to the advancement of females in sport, specifically motorsport. This partnership feels natural to our brand as we continue to push sport and culture forward.”

The countdown to the second season of F1 Academy has begun, and PUMA is excited to be part of this groundbreaking initiative, supporting emerging talent and igniting the passion for women's racing.


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