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If the recent predictions by the likes of SingularityU are correct, human beings are going to be living a lot longer than their predecessors in the years to come thanks to medical advances. If so, it stands to reason that you are probably going to want to keep your teeth for as long as possible.   

Banging the drum for better oral health this week is Philips, who have launched their Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush. This, according to the company, is a step up from the ordinary plastic stick with bristles on the end that we routinely stick into our mouths.

Instead, according to the company,  the sonic brush drives fluid deep between one’s teeth and along the gumline for “a gentle but exceptional clean,” with the company asserting seven times more plague removal than an ordinary brush. It also offers five modes Clean, Polish, White Sensitive and Gum Care.

For those who concerned about the colour of their smile, Philips asserts that using the brush for a week will result in a whiter smile, with gum health improved in two weeks (based on two periods of two-minute brushings per day, on clean mode).  

Because, like a smartphone, e-reader and pair of headphones, toothbrushes are a traveler’s constant companion, the sonic toothbrush comes with a deluxe USB travel case. This doubles up as a charger to ensure users don’t run out of power. For home charging, a charger glass doubles as a glass for rinsing after brushing. To activate charging, users place your brush into the glass to enjoy two weeks of regular use from a single full charge.

The only aspect about the Sonic DiamondCare that might make you a gag a bit is the price. At R3 300 from Dischem or Takealot it’s not cheap. Then again, it’s about the cost of two visits to the dentist for a cleaning at least, so the argument could be made that you might save a lot of money in the long run.


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