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Ben Kuchera is a videogames journalist who writes for a variety of gaming publications, amongst others the popular gaming website Polygon. Although he is sometimes considered somewhat controversial, he recently wrote an article that really struck a chord with me and one to which I can definitely relate. It was titled “Gaming is not the most important thing in my life.  

I agree wholeheartedly. Gaming is not the most important thing in my life. It’s an important part of it, anyone who knows me will attest, but it’s simply not at the top of my priority list. How can I say this? Well, because quite honestly I have other interests.

The one question that many people ask me, either via social media or when they meet me in person for the first time is, “What’s your favourite game?” I really can’t answer that. I have many games that I love, and a few games that were incredibly influential in my life, that I kept on coming back to over and over again. I have a game that made me realise that this is what I wanted to do as a career. But a favourite? I have a favourite right now – does that count?

It’s the same reason that although I’m considered by most standards to be heavily tattooed, that I don’t have any gaming tattoos. There’s no one game that I love enough to get etched on to my skin for the rest of my life – and I certainly don’t love a hardware brand enough to get their symbol inked on me!

I love videogames, and don’t get me wrong, I play A LOT of games, but like many people who play games for anything other than the enjoyment of it (i.e. reviewing), I have other interests. For example I spend a good amount of my time reading, and I have a degree in Fine Arts so when I have time I still paint and draw. I like spending time with my friends. Some of whom are also gamers. In the real world as well as online. I know – weird right?

More importantly, I also have a family. That I like spending time with! *Gasp* I have a three year old son who likes nothing better than to ride his bike madly down our rather steep driveway shouting, “Faaaaaster!” Would I rather be playing games than madly taking action shots of the look of glee on his face? Not. A. Chance.

I would rather get up early and spend an hour playing games uninterrupted before my son wakes up than take time away from him. To be fair, kids don’t really allow you to indulge in things like “me time” either, but still. The games will always be there. My son’s childhood won’t.

Article was first placed in TechSmart 132, September 2014. 



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