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The fact that Sony was working on a slimmer version of the PS4 console was no secret, especially as leaked images of the device surfaced two weeks ago. As expected, Sony debuted the new console at its PlayStation Meeting event last night. Interestingly though, it will not be called the PS4 Slim, with the new version replacing the current PS4 model as the standard option moving forward.

PlayStation not only trimmed off the fat from its original PS4 for this new version, but also made it more efficient. Along with 30% less volume and 16% less weight than its predecessor, it now consumes 28% less power, according to Sony.

While the PS4 Pro hogged much of the limelight last night, the new PS4 version is still a noteworthy console. It's expected to ship in select regions come 15 September, and carries a recommended price tag of $299 in the States. For now, when it will make its way to South Africa as well as what price it will come in at, remains to be seen.

It is, however, a worthwhile option for those aiming to get their hands on a new PS4, but have not done so already. Although it does not boast 4K-supporting gameplay specs as the Pro does, in an intriguing announcement from Sony, a firmware update will port to all consoles allowing HDR-level graphics gaming. The upshot of this is that if you already purchased a PS4 a couple years ago, you can still see what HDR gaming looks like, and decide if the jump to the Pro is worthwhile.


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