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We’re not certain that the Large Hadron Collider somehow caused a split in space-time when it was switched on, but how else can one explain Pokémon Detective Pikachu? Let’s be more specific: How does one explain how Ryan Reynolds, the man who’s basically the embodiment of Deadpool, ended up being the voice of the beloved Pikachu?

The news of a live-action Pokémon movie is not new, but now at long last we have received a glimpse of how it actually is going to look like in the form of the first trailer. We’ll be honest, it doesn’t look that bad, although thinking of Pikachu somehow being possessed by the spirit of Deadpool doesn’t quite fit right.

Here’s the story: Tim Goodman’s (Justice Smith, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) dad, a former private investigator, goes missing. This prompts Tim to go search for him, joined by his dad’s former partner – Detective Pikachu. All this takes place in Ryme City, a city where men and Pokémon have set aside their differences to peacefully coexist. Problem is, there’s a plan afoot to disrupt this serenity and bring Ryme City to its knees. Will Tim and Pikachu be able to not only save his dad but also the city?

The movie is directed by Rob Letterman, perhaps best known for Goosebumps and Shark Tale, and is set for release on 10 May 2018 Stateside. Does Pokémon Detective Pikachu appeal to you, or does it feel like your whole childhood has gone up in flames? Press play below to find out.


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