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Earth Day is happening on 22 April, and it seems like the mobile gaming community is getting in on the action. Well Niantic and Pokémon Go at least, with the developer announcing a series of events for an Earth Day Cleanup initiative.

It's set to take place in 10 countries across the globe, unfortunately nothing planned for SA at this stage, with 37 different events and 10 partners added to the mix. Participation on the day will earn Pokémon Go players unique rewards in the game by simply going around and picking up rubbish.

There will also be incentives for more players that join up with the initiative.

"All trainers will receive access to a special avatar item to celebrate Earth Day and those who work together to participate in the cleanups around the world will unlock unique in-game rewards for the entire world. If 1 500 trainers attend the events around the world, 2x catch stardust for ground, water, and grass-type pokémon will be unlocked for 48 hours. If more than 3 000 trainers participate in the clean up events, 3x catch stardust for ground, water, and grass-type pokémon for 48 hours will be unlocked for trainers around the world," noted a Niantic announcement about the event.

With Niantic having a spotty record when it comes to past live events, it should be interesting to see if this one goes a bit more smoothly. That said, it's nice to see them use their gaming platform to help out.


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