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Amsterdam-based designers, DUS Architects, is aiming to take 3D printed technology to new levels with plans to create the world's first 3D printed house along one of the canal banks in Amsterdam.

This ambitious project demanded specially designed 3D printing hardware, the result of which lead to KamerMaker XL (Room-Builder). KamerMaker XL is a massive six metre tall 3D printing unit that can create complex structures almost 2.5 metres in height. With this the company will be able to create a thirteen room house.

According to DUS, the method of creating entire blocks of 3D printed material is more cost effective than building with conventional methods. It is also said to drastically reduce expensive waste and transportation costs, as the plastic used is sourced from recyclable materials and manufactured by one of the Canal House's partners Henkel.

The 3D Print Canal House's planned site is currently open to the public to view, with some high level dignitaries, including Barack Obama having recently visited the location to view some of the printed blocks and concept drawings.

We still have some reservations with DUS' massive undertaking, mainly because the long-term effects of living inside a plastic home is not fully known or how it will hold up to the elements. One thing is certain though, the potential applications of this radical architecture will have benefits in countries where low-cost housing options are required for those living in derelict conditions.

3D Print Canal House from 3D Print Canal House on Vimeo.


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