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Samsung is one manufacturer with a myriad of products and devices in its fold, as such the after sales service is of particular importance in not just keeping current customers happy, but also luring consumers away from rival competitors. To that end, Samsung has now made its premium service warranties, which run for a 24-month period, available across all products. These include a Quick Repair Service (QRS), which allows Samsung clients to book their mobile devices in for repairs while they shop, and an online booking repair service, called Cyber Service Centre.

This guarantee from Samsung does however carry one caveat. According to Richard Chetty, service director at Samsung Electronics South Africa, “As long as the device or appliance is not dysfunctional due to negligence or physical damage, then it is fully covered by our warranty.” Chetty goes on to add that, “Samsung also offers an in-home repair service for all white goods and TVs over 42 inches. With this service, Samsung will dispatch highly-skilled technicians to visit the customer’s house to assess the fault and aim to repair it on-site. Samsung clients receive this service without paying a call-out fee during the two year warranty period.”

Samsung has urged its consumers to check before purchasing a product in order to avoid disappointment. In addition, Samsung’s ADH repair is one of the company's premium offerings, giving consumers more benefits on selected Samsung Galaxy Smartphone devices, such as a screen replacement within 12 months on the latest available handsets.

Samsung says its customer service division is fully dedicated to support customer service related enquiries and provides support through a range of technical call centres, remote management initiatives for digital appliances and service support via Brand Stores. Based on the warranty status of a product, a consumer can have their device repaired at a Brand Store, as well as receive expert advice and technical support.


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