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It's strange to think that the PS4 has only been with us for two years. The next-gen console from Sony debuted in late 2013, with the Japanese manufacturer now stating that the latest iteration of PlayStation has reached the 30 million mark in terms of units sold globally. Well, 30.2 million to be more precise. That figure is true as of 22 November, according to Sony, who says it's "the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history."

For those aiming to put that perspective against the likes of Microsoft's Xbox One. The American company has not detailed any sales figures for the past year, but as The Verge reports, they have shipped 10 million units to retailers worldwide in November last year. 

While that is no hard and fast way of determining how the Xbox One has sold to date, Sony has outsold its American rival in the US throughout most of 2015. That did however change last month, with Xbox One sales surpassing that of the PS4, most likely buoyed by the release of Halo 5: Guardians.

In terms of local figures, those still remain a mystery, but we'd venture that Sony's next-gen console is outselling Microsoft's one, especially as it arrived a year earlier and given PlayStation's strong history in the country.


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