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It may be fortuitous that we've got a public holiday rolling round next week Tuesday (Youth Day, in case you didn't know), as it gives us yet another reason to dive head first into the current Steam "Monster Summer Sale". The massive sale started this morning, and will continue up until June 21st.

As such, you're probably wondering what's on offer from Steam. True to their word, the deals on offer are quite monstrous in nature with a number of titles receiving up to 80% discounts. There will be daily deals between now and June 21st, and today sees the Metro Franchise, Sniper Elite and Valkyria Chronicles amongst others going on special.

Along with the Sale, Steam has debuted a Monster Summer Game for its users to try out. The game itself is 8-bit in nature, with special trading cards, badges and specific sale discounts on offer for those who play it. Added to this are daily milestones, requiring co-op play to accumulate a set amount of points. Those teams that reach the desired points tally each day will have a chance to access discounted titles during a 48-hour period.

If you have some cash to splash this month, or been eyeing a game to go on sale, check out Steam's Monster Summer Sale, we certainly will.


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