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Before you venture any further, be warned - there is a spoiler for the Season 10 finale, so if you are lagging behind the the Winchester brothers demon slaying exploits, you may want to skip ahead.


With that out the way, and assuming you already know how the last episode of Season 10 left us, there is a new trailer that hints at what we can expect from Season 11.

Last we saw the Winchester Brothers, they were inadvertently unleashing a terrible darkness into the world, when Dean and Sam successfully removed the mark of Cain from Dean, inadvertently breaking the seal.

According to the new trailer, it looks like the brothers, Castiel and the ever beleaguered humankind will come face to face with the consequences of their actions. From what we can gather, the darkness shares some similarities with the pure evil shown in Event Horizon, as it seems to be turning humankind into raging evil versions of themselves.  Castiel and Crowley are similarly in the thick of the battle, although Castiel finally does to Crowley what Tyrion Lannister did to the insufferable Joffrey. In the trailer it looks like both Sam and Castiel are in for a tough torturous time yet again, begging the question: Are these guys the best disaster magnets ever?

The new season premieres in the US on 7 October; hopefully South Africa won’t be too far behind.

Best Bit: Dean answering the phone at 0.53, showing despite it all he still has his familiar snarky humour.


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