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The Boring Company has got its first big job lined up. Elon Musk’s tunnel digging (and flame-thrower) venture has won the bid for a high speed express train to link Chicago to the city’s O’Hare Airport. The company beat out the O'Hare Xpress consortium, according to CNBC, with the new train system set to cut down travel time from Downtown Chicago to the airport to about 20 minutes.

The Boring Company is looking to undercharge for the transport, with fares that will be less than current Uber or taxi rates for the same route. Each of the vehicles that goes to and from the airport will be large enough to carry 16 people and their luggage, while they will leave as often as once every 30 seconds.

The Boring Company is planning a "high-speed loop" for this service, which it seems is much the same as the famed hyperloop system, except that there will be no vacuum in the tube, according to a tweet from Musk.

As for both a timeline and complete cost of the project, there’s no official word yet, since negotiations between the city and The Boring Company have not been finalised yet. However, it’s mentioned that the project could cost less than $1 billion – an amount that would need to be carried by The Boring Company.


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