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The Last Guardian hasn’t even come to consoles yet and already it is achieving near legendary status, essentially rising from if not the dead, then at least a mysteriously extended absence. The game was first announced back in 2009 and then fell prey to one delay after the next. Many believed the game had been cancelled, with a little spark of hope emerging four years ago that it wasn’t dead and buried after all.

Still, much like its namesake, it seemed this Guardian was gone and forgotten, until now. Not only did Team Ico confirm the game is indeed on track for release next year (2016), the company also released a new seven minute long trailer to prove that hope for this game’s release really does spring eternal.

The trailer brings back the young boy and his winged dog-like friend, and shows them together traversing the ruins of a massive monastery/lost city as platforms crumble beneath them and your heart is given plenty opportunity to claw its way up your throat. Also seen are puzzle solving elements, but the most striking thing about this trailer is the endearing relationship between the boy and his friend.

Considering that Team Ico is behind other luminary and moving games like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, the announcement that The Last Guardian is in fact alive and happening is fantastic news; and definitely, for us at least a highlight of this year’s E3.  


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