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Apparently Halloween has come early this year, at least to Hearthstone. The digital card game is receiving another expansion, called The Witchwood, next month. Ahead of its release, Blizzard has provided more details of the story and two wonderfully weird trailers that you just have to see.

The story behind the impending expansion is that dark magic has twisted the creatures of the forest and set them loose upon the Gilnean capital in Azeroth. Stepping up to confront the threat is King Genn Greymane and his lycanthropic subjects who can shapeshift into ferocious wolf-beasts known as worgen, with players being able to join the battle between twisted entities and creatures that likey still drink from a dog bowl.

One new gameplay mechanic revealed is the use of a new Echo keyword. Cards with Echo can be played over and over again, allowing players to call upon a minion or cast a spell multiple times in a turn as long as they have enough mana. In addition, deck-builders can employ powerful minions that challenge them to use only odd-or-even-cost cards in exchange for a potent advantage.

Once the expansion is released, players will have two weeks to arm themselves before embarking on a new single-player experience called Monster Hunts. For a bit more colourful view of what lies ahead, take a look below.


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