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With vacation waiting in the wings and the gifting season just around the corner, TomTom has some impressive GPS devices ready to be picked up for the ride. For drivers of both cars and bikes, these units should make life on the road a lot less frustrating. Here’s why. 


While traditional GPS units could tell you how to get from here to there, TomTom has moved with the times, enabling their GO range to provide you with real-time traffic updates to avoid bumper-to-bumper congestion.

TomTom GO40/50

The GO40 and 50 are the entry models in the range, with the difference between the two being a touchscreen size of 4” (R1 749) and 5” (R1 899) respectively. On-board you’ll find TomTom navigation regulars, such as speed camera positions (updated for three months) and advance lane guidance. To make finding your destination easy, it also includes Tap & Go plus Speak & Go. Tap & Go lets you simply tap on a favourite destination on screen to start navigation, while Speak & Go allows for voice recognition to help you do the same. The unit connects via your smartphone to provide TomTom Traffic updates for the lifetime of the product, allowing you to get where you need to be a lot faster, since it will simply reroute if you choose to avoid congested roads.

TomTom G0510

Taking navigation to the next level is the TomTom GO510 (R3 299) with a 5” fully interactive touchscreen. On this you can pinch, zoom and swipe to provide a better view of your route, while on the mapping side the 510 provides some interesting extras. First off, you get local maps but also international maps, with free lifetime updates. This is a boon for those who travel abroad on a regular basis, as it means you don’t have to worry about finding your way in a foreign country.

The 510 also adds 3D elements to the maps, making it easier to identify buildings around your route. To ensure that the Go510 stays up to date users will have access to a lifetime of speed cameras updates and Lifetime TomTom Traffic via smartphone connection.

Not to forget, this stylish unit is kept in place by a convenient magnetic mount which allows it to unmount with a simple click.

TomTom GO5100

The big daddy in the range is the impressive TomTom GO5100 (R4 199), also with 5” fully interactive touchscreen. The main addition to the GO5100 is that it includes its own SIM and data. This means TomTom Traffic- and speed camera updates are taken care of automatically, with no external connection required. It’s the most convenient solution in the TomTom range, and of course also includes all the other important features such as lifetime world maps, free software updates, 3D maps and the click & go magnetic mount.

Just as with the other units, you can use TomTom MyDrive to pre-plan your journey on PC, smartphone or tablet before you enter your car, and then simply transfer this information quickly and easily to the GPS unit.

TomTom START 40/50

If all of this connectivity is just a bit too fancy for your liking, and you are more interested in simple navigation in an affordable package, the START 40/50 will be more to your liking. At 4” the START 40 retails for R1 749, while the START 50 with 5” screen goes for a little over R100 more at R1 899. Both contain lifetime map updates and three-month speed camera updates, but forsake live traffic updates.


Not only for cars, TomTom also caters for those who prefer two wheels to one. 

TomTom RIDER 400

Navigational requirements for motorbikers are a lot different than that of motorists. First and foremost, a robust unit with weatherproof design is needed. The RIDER 400 (R5 799) offers this and the mounting required in a classy package that won’t look out of place on even the most stylish speed bike. With its 4.3” touchscreen that can be viewed in both portrait and landscape mode, the unit is also bright enough to stay visible in the harsh SA sunshine.

For motorcyclists, it’s as much about getting from point A to point B as it is about the journey along the way. TomTom knows this and caters to those touring by allowing you to plan your ride either through winding- or hilly roads, or a whole area by via a round-trip. If you’re in need for finer detail, you can pre-plan your route in careful detail using Tyre Pro on your PC. 

With built-in Bluetooth, you can connect to a headset to hear driving instructions through there, while it’s also possible to see incoming calls on the screen. Live TomTom Traffic and speed camera updates are available via smartphone connection, allowing you to reroute if you wish.

In all, the TomTom RIDER400 offers a complete navigational experience for the discerning motorcyclist.

Read what Harry Fisher of the The Bike Show has to say about the TomTom RIDER 400. 


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