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Late last year, UberAIR gave itself the ambitious target of having flying cars operating in the skies of Los Angeles by 2020. It's unclear whether the company will be able to meet such a tight deadline, but they did hold their second Elevate conference in LA this week to unpack their plans for flying taxis a bit further.

In particular, UberAIR showcased the designs and concepts from five different aerospace companies, all of which will be tasked with manufacturing the flying taxis. Not all five look ready to meet the 2020 deadline though, with only Embraer, Pipistrel Aircraft and Karem capable of giving a bit more detail on their flying taxi concept vehicles. The remaining two companies, Electric Flight and Aurora Flight, are still in the very early phases of the process, and look less likely to be up in the air within the next two years.   

Along with allowing its partners to showcase their plans, UberAIR also detailed a few of its own. More specifically that it is looking for companies that can meet their technology demands of flying taxis, which is that they are fully electric, have minimal noise and can take off and land vertically. Furthermore, UberAIR wants to be certain that its partners have the capacity to manufacture tens of thousands of these aircraft.

As such, despite the 2020 deadline looking a bit unrealistic at this point, UberAIR is still forging ahead with its flying taxi plans.   


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