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Here’s yet another role playing game you may want to watch out for, as SolarFall Games launched its Kickstarter campaign with what is a beautiful and alluring trailer for a CryEngine3-based action-RPG called Umbra.

The game appears to have a somewhat familiar fantasy story with a bit of a twist, offering a broken world that has become corrupted. You step into the shoes of a former soldier turned fugitive, who is found to possess magic powers (apparently a very big no-no, punishable by the rather extreme measure of death).

Along with being hunted by humans, you also have to contend with monsters populating the realm. However, what looks like it may make Umbra step out of the shadows from some better known RPGs is the level of customisation on offer. Along with choosing your own form, there appears to be a deep degree of weapon and armour customisation as well as a comprehensive crafting system.

What with the excellence that was Dragon Age: Inquisition (review) and the forthcoming The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, and now news of Umbra, it looks like role playing games are on an upswing. It seems that there is a fair amount of interest in the latter already, with the game having already scored $13 000 of its $225 000 goal and some 500 backers, with still a month to go. Take a look at the trailer below to see if this one pique’s your interest.


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