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To remain competitive in today’s business environment, small and medium businesses need to seize every opportunity and be highly responsive, efficient and productive. Research has shown that 69% of customers will rather hang up a call than leave a voicemail message for a business to call them back. This means that every call missed is a business opportunity missed.

Vodacom One Net Express is the first mobile switchboard designed for small and medium businesses, allowing them to be available at all times, whether in the office or on the road, on a single number. It also includes intelligent features that route calls on groups in the business - with no call divert image of the business as it directs business calls to the right department.

Designed to give small business the competitive edge

For the first time in South Africa, switchboard features are available on a cellphone with no need to spend money on infrastructure or equipment, with Vodacom One Net Express. The new service helps business with between 2 and 99 employees, manage their communications, improve business efficiency and drive down costs.

This service is available on any cellphone, whether it is a basic phone or a smartphone. For just R149* per user per month, a business will never miss another call while saving money, as each employee on the Vodacom One Net Express service receive 500 free minutes to call other people in the business for free.

A business can also port its landline telephone number to, or request a landline telephone number from Vodacom. This is done by replacing a business’ traditional fixed landline with 3G desk phone that works with a SIM card. By doing so, Vodacom One Net Express can link a business’ cellphones and landline telephone numbers.

Business Benefits at a glance:

  • Added  professionalism with switchboard functionality across all business phones, which includes:
    -Hunt Groups that allow the call to be routed to the first available employee using different ringing options, i.e. through either all phones ringing simultaneously or ringing in a fixed order until one of the employees in the group answers the call
    -Auto Attendant provides a menu of options for callers to select the department that they would like to be transferred to
    -Text to speech allows the company to record a welcome message to greet customers when they call the business
  • No need to invest in expensive infrastructure, Vodacom One Net Express is activated as a value added service (VAS) on existing cellphone contracts at R149* per user per month-billed directly to the business owner
  • Each user receives 500 free Vodacom One Net Express minutes per month to call other One Net Express Users within the company
  • Scale as you grow as Vodacom One Net Express is adaptable and allows you to add new users and features whenever your business needs it
  • Create a Wi-Fi zone for up to five users in your office with a Vodacom One Net Express 3G desk phone

For more information, surf over to Vodacom One Net Express, or dial 082 1930. You can also visit a participating Vodacom Store. 

*Terms and conditions apply.

Explanation of terms

Hunt Group

A Hunt Group enables a group of employees, who have Vodacom One Net Express activated on their cellphones, to be contactable through a single number. The first Hunt Group is mandatory and carries a once off set up cost of R32. A business can create up to five Hunt Groups, with a once off set up fee of R32 per Hunt Group.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is an interactive voice prompt menu that allows incoming callers to select a department or individual through defined voice prompts… so your calls are always answered in the most professional way.

Landline Telephone (Geographic) Services

Vodacom can provide you with a 3G desk phone and a landline telephone number or you can keep your landline telephone number by porting it to Vodacom.

Free Internal Calls

With the Closed User Group feature, each employee who has Vodacom One Net Express activated on their cellphone and/or landline telephone number receives 500 free on-net minutes to call other users within the Vodacom One Net Express Closed User Group.


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