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Despite the smartphone that has taken over the function of telling us the hour of day, plus smartwatches’ arrival on the scene, there seems to be a fresh awareness of the traditional timepieces of yore. So whether your tastes gravitate more towards digital or analogue, there is a wristwatch to suit your adventurous, business savvy, casual and/or sporty inclination.

1. For those of us who make a habit of bumping into things, or being crushed by wrecking balls, the Casio G-shock range will stand the test of time. With its reasonably indestructible housing, if one watch is going to outlive the smartwatch revolution, our money is on this one (GA-200SH-1A). R2 500, Edgars.

2. If business style is more your scene, demand just the right amount of attention with the subtle TW Steel. For people who, for most of the time, already know what time it is. R3 450. Déonne le Roux.

3. The Garmin Fenix 2 is the epitome of form and function rolled into one. Never before has there been such a salivate-inducing piece of kit that came across our radar. Don’t wear this one if you’re not prepared to give a detailed account of how you scaled Kili with just your slops and, of course, your watch. R6 500, Due South.

4. If you’re no stranger to oversized watches, or truly believe that bigger is better, then the Diesel DZ4210 is pure awesomness. Take out this baby to undo man-sized time-keeping problems. R3 300, Edgars.

5. No watch collection is complete without an appearance from the Swatch regiment. Rubbery, youthy and easy to wear, these watches will confirm your status as a child of the nineties. Pair the Twice Again White with snow jeans and a step cut, if you dare. R1 250, Swatch Store.


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