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South Africans seemed to have fallen in love with Nespresso pods, but how about a machine that serves up something a bit stronger? Nope, not a shot of double espresso, but rather, well, a White Russian? The Keurig Drinkworks Drinkmaker is like having your own barman at home, as it is able to mix a range of cocktails, and even beer, from a number of pods.

The principle is quite easy – pop in the pod and the machine does the rest, meaning it takes care of both carbonation and cooling (no ice cubes though, that’s a bit next level it seems). Currently there are 24 different drinks on offer, which includes old favourites such as Gin & Tonic, Margarita, Mojito and Lime Vodka Soda, as well as Long Island Iced tea, Moscow Mule and White Wine Peach Sangria. The beer on tap includes a few different varieties of Bass and Beck, plus a cider from Stella Artois. Of course there’s also an app to order new pods and see how to setup your new barman.

What’s the cost of convenience? Well, the price for drinks is pretty much aligned with SA bar prices, with the cocktails going for $16 for a pack of four ($4 a drink), and the beers $10 for four pods ($2.50 a beer). However, you still need to cough up for the machine, which at this stage is retailing for $300, currently only available in St. Louis, Stateside.

We know that a few offices have switched over to Nespresso machines, but one can easily imagine the Keurig Drinkworks Drinkmaker being as popular, albeit quite possibly having a bad influence on productivity. Would it be easier to go in to the office on a Monday if you knew that a Double Whiskey is as accessible as a Double Espresso?


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