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The second piece of DLC for Wolfenstein II, titled The Diaries of Agent Silent Death has been released. It sees players departing from the point of view of the game’s main protagonist to step into the shoes (or is that high heels?) of former OSS agent and assassin, Jessica Valiant, also known as the titular Agent Silent Death.

Apparently, in this alternative timeline, Tinseltown is also a den of iniquity, only instead of housing sexual predators, it is home to a film studio that has become a Nazi propaganda machine.

Her targets have made the critical mistake of killing her husband. As anyone who has watched martial arts movies in the 80s can tell you, killing a family member is a sure way to have a brother/sister/father/husband/wife or distant cousin come punch your ticket prematurely.

However, instead of going in guns blazing, Valiant’s style is more akin to stalking, shooting and stabbing from the shadows. Judging from the trailer below, she seems somewhat reminiscent of two other notable female assassins - Dishonored 2’s Emily Caldwin, mixed with the stylishness of No One Lives Forever’s Cate Archer.    

The Diaries of Agent Silent Death is available now as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, or as part of The Freedom Chronicles Season Pass for PC (R385), XB1 (R389) and PS4 (R399). Take a look at the trailer below to see if this one captures your attention.


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