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If XCOM 2 isn’t on your radar yet, then this newest twelve minutes trailer may convince you to do some further investigation. For those who are still in the dark about the plot of the game, it isn’t your usual fare – the aliens have won, Earth has been occupied and fighting back to reclaim your home is going to come down to using guerilla tactics. 

The trailer takes you on a not so little tour of The Avenger, a starship which doubles as your base of operations. The ship by the way, offers up its fair number of decisions to be made, as its customisation is extensive. For starters, as the trailer shows, you will need to decide where and to what extent you want to invest in research and development.

Do you spend scarce resources on medical, or do you invest in your engineering team, which can come up with new tech for use in the field? Then of course, there are your soldiers and drones, with it being up to you to build an effective combat force, with customisation of each of your soldiers being available as well, not just of how they look and the weapons they use, but of their personality as well.

The trailer is notable for another reason - it boasts some particularly enticing music, which may well remind of when a certain Shepard first strode onto the bridge of The Normandy in Mass Effect. Take a look – and listen – for yourself why XCOM 2 may well be a solid contender for your time come November.


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