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For the past few years, YouTubers have been left extremely frustrated by the platform, particularly when it comes to transparency and communication. The most recent plight is demonetisation, and the lack timely explanation as to why a video uploaded to the site was flagged.

In a new post on the YouTube Creator Blog, the company has tried to outline some of its plans to alleviate these issues. One of the solutions is a pilot program for the video uploading process. During the upload steps, creators will need to answer some specific advertiser related questions. Furthermore, should a creator deem their video to be a tad too risqué for advertisers, they can notify YouTube to ensure that they are less likely to lose ads.

While we can appreciate the steps that YouTube is trying to take in order to keep both creators and advertisers happy, this process is not perfect by any means. This is because there is still a lot of grey area when it comes to interpreting what is and is not advertiser-friendly.

A news channel like the Philip DeFranco Show for example may take about a mass shooting or gun violence as it's in the current conversation, but some advertisers may deem that too controversial, even if DeFranco does not show any disturbing imagery or tries to convey a neutral reporting on the subject.   

Again, as with many of YouTube's plans, there is still a lot of room for interpretation and therefore error, despite how well an algorithm may be learning. That said, we still need to see if this new system proves more successful than what YouTube has had in place previously. If not, your favourite YouTuber will definitely be letting you know about it.


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