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Is everyone else a figment of your imagination, or are you one of theirs? Put differently, are you playing The Sims, or are you a Sim? Best way to figure this out is to start your own creative project and see what you can come up with. And don’t let Simoleons stand in your way. 


May’s purpose is to settle you into the thought of winter, curled up snuggly in your bed. Better get used to that, Gemini, since a bout of flu will strike you down come the 15th.


It’s election month in May, Cancerian. The stars predict that while casting your vote, you will be struck by the feeling that maybe voting for politicians to rule a country is an outdated system, and that there must be better options to consider.


Your workplace is starting to resemble a Game of Thrones episode, Leo. Even the dragons are there if you use your imagination. It’s time to leave the set and create your own awesome series.


There is a desperate search going on for a manager over at Manchester United, Virgo. Guess what? You’re it. Yes, you! Because even you can do a better job than Moyes.


It’s all about balance during the month of May, Libran. Work or leisure? Activity or rest? Buying that awesome lens you’ve always wanted or eating? Enjoy the new glass!


Your cellular provider has lowered its call cost, Mr. Scorpion. That’s well and good, but all you really need is cheaper broadband. Are they really worried about money from call rates, if data is the future? The stars want you to ponder this.


The stars can see that you’ve been missing some much needed sleep recently, Sagi. Actually, everyone can see those bags under your eyes. To keep up appearances we would recommend applying some lightening eye-shadow to reduce the effect. And a bit of blush, mascara and then some lipstick.


Your favourite band is about to split. Sorry.


That band you hate is about to split. Congrats.


How does Dr. Bruce Banner keep the Hulk under control? Meditation, and lots of it. The stars says it’s time to master your own Hulk, Mr. Fish. Just do it.


Two is the magical number this month, Aries. Seeing that not only one, but two of your smartphones will crash to the floor this month. Happy calling!

Article first appeared in TechSmart 128, May 2014. Download it here


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