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With over 100 000 apps available for Android smartphones at the Android Market, TechSmart would like to help you get to the good ones first. Here are our top Android Apps of the month.

If you don’t like your phone’s current interface, try installing LauncherPro.
It allows you to change the way your ­interface works, giving you access  to, for example different transition effects when scrolling through your different homepages; settings for your dock (the little icons on the bottom of your screen); or what your Home key does when pressed.
It changed the way we use our phone - for the better. Don't worry, it can be uninstalled, see below.
World Newspapers
News hungry Android fans will adore this app, seeing that World Newspapers conveniently brings together all the world’s best news websites into one location.
No more trying to locate news via your browser, simply select your country and you’ll find links to all the most NB sources personalised for your Android phone.
Want more? You can also find links to magazine sites as well as news videos.
As more and more people make use of smartphones, notebooks and tablets, having access to important data across all devices is becoming very important.
Evernote is essentially a note taking app, but allows for so much more. You can save text from webpages, voice recordings or photos, with Evernote even making text inside pictures searchable (our success with this was not too good).
Notes are synced in the cloud and you can then access all your notes online.
Top Android Tip
So you don’t like the app or simply don’t use it as often as you thought. How to get it off your phone? Press “Settings” > “Applications”> “Manage Applications”. Click on the app you want deleted and tap “Uninstall”.


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