By Mike Joubert 1 June 2009


$2,5 billion- that’s what the scrapbook industry is worth in the US.

It was always just a question of time then, before a very good software program appeared on the market to cater for the digital side of scrapbooking.

Serif’s Digital Scrapbook Artist (DSA) takes away the need to purchase all the different decorations. Instead it provides everything on your PC- templates, backgrounds, photo frames, embellishments, alphabets and materials and all the rest you need in your scrapbooking design. Everything can be used by simply dragging and dropping it onto the image you’re scrapbooking.

DSA is dead easy to set-up and use, but comes with a physical user guide which takes you through the process just in case. We gave DSA to our designer Brett for a run through and his feedback was very positive.

DSA’s ease of use, the amount of decoration available, and the fact that no design experience was actually necessary, were some of his stand out comments on the product.

Available from Holton and Associates on 011-789-6181, for a reasonable R499.

It has a full compliment of templates, embellishments and materials.
Can digital beat the real thing?

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