Final Jessica Jones trailer arrives one week before Netflix series debut

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 11 November 2015

Netflix's second series centering on an intriguing Marvel character, Jessica Jones, is set to debut on 20 November. To mark the occasion, the final trailer has been released online. FULL STORY >


Two great comic Humble Bundles currently running

By Staff Writer 30 October 2015

It’s currently a very good time to be a comic book fan, especially if you are following what is happening on Humble Bundle. The pay-what-you-want site currently has two comic book specials running, meaning loads of comics for very good prices. FULL STORY >


Jared Leto's Joker branded a 'Psycho Killer' for limited edition Empire cover

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 27 October 2015

Garnering mixed reactions and generating plenty of origin rumours, Jared Leto's Joker will no doubt be the main attraction for Suicide Squad. For now, he covers Empire magazine. FULL STORY >


Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man set to be FX-developed TV series

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 16 October 2015

One of the most popular comic book series of the past decade, Y: The Last Man is under development by US network FX as a potential TV series. FULL STORY >


Netflix's Daredevil preps for season two with new trailer

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 13 October 2015

Previewed during a cast panel at New York Comic-Con, currently underway, Netflix served up the first trailer for season two of Daredevil. Enjoy. FULL STORY >


Frank Miller working on new Sin City graphic novel set in WWII

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 12 October 2015

The iconic comic book creator details efforts on the next chapter in his Sin City series, this time a love story in which World War II serves as the backdrop. FULL STORY >


rAge Expo 2015: 5 Things to Do if you are NOT a Gamer

By Staff Writer 9 October 2015

The annual rAge Expo might have its crosshair firmly set on gaming, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to do. Apart from the hardware and big titles on display, there are a number of exhibitors that should keep you entertained if... FULL STORY >


The Comic Book Creators: Kay Carmichael

By Staff Writer 15 September 2015

As a storyboarder and illustrator living in Cape Town, Kay Carmichael is perhaps better known amongst TechSmart readers for her amazing work on the Sophie the Giantslayer webcomic. We chatted to her about creativity, how to get started in comics, and... FULL STORY >


Neil Gaiman fans set to orgasm thanks to awesome Humble Bundle

By Staff Writer 11 September 2015

Attention all Neil Gaiman fans - does Humble Bundle have a deal in store for you. Their biweekly Book Bundle offers a range of Neil Gaiman rarities, with a number being made available digitally for the first time. FULL STORY >


Open Book Comics Fest a must do this weekend

By Staff Writer 11 September 2015

For comic book fans living in Cape Town, there is only one place to be this weekend: The Open Book Comics Fest. FULL STORY >


The Comic Book Creators: Karl Stephan

By Staff Writer 7 September 2015

As creator of the outstanding Sparko (which you can read for mahala online here), Karl Stephan has been on our radar for a while. We tracked him down to talk about the UK comic book scene, webcomics and drinking beer. FULL STORY >


The Comic Book Creators: Luis Tolosana

By Staff Writer 1 September 2015

Part of the strong Cape Town comic book scene and owner of Falcon Comics, TechSmart chatted to Luis Tolosana about all things comics. FULL STORY >


Want D&D comics for cheap? Humble Bundle got you covered

By Thomas McKinnon 24 August 2015

Dungeons & Dragons fans are in for a bit of a treat over at Humble Bundle, since the latest book bundle is aimed squarely at those with a penchant for the polyhedral dice. FULL STORY >


Netflix takes to Twitter to reveal new costume for Daredevil Season Two

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 21 August 2015

With a second season comes a new costume, and now Netflix has taken to Twitter in order to show fans what Matt Murdock will be donning in season two of Daredevil. FULL STORY >


It’s all about the music in the latest Humble Book Bundle

By Staff Writer 6 August 2015

The latest Book Bundle is all about the tunes, having a number of sweet music inspired books and comics topping the list. FULL STORY >

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