37 000 users downloaded fake AdBlock extension from Chrome Store

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 10 October 2017

A fairly worrying development for Google's verification process, as a fake AdBlock extension for Chrome was downloaded by 37 000 users. FULL STORY >


Firefox 4 now available in Zulu

By Johan Keyter 29 March 2011

Mozilla's Firefox 4 web browser is now available in Zulu, in addition to other local languages, thanks to the efforts of translate.org.za. FULL STORY >


Qualcomm extends Augmented Reality platform

By Staff Writer 11 November 2010

Qualcomms AR Extension for Unity will enable developers to use Unity's award-winning game development tool to rapidly build augmented reality applications for Android smartphones. FULL STORY >


Apple updates Safari

By Tom Manners 29 July 2010

Apple updates its Safari browser by turning on Safari Extensions FULL STORY >


The internet to go multilingual

By Thomas McKinnon 30 October 2009

ICANN announced today, at a meeting in South Korea, that it will begin to accept requests by governments for nonLatin alphabet internet extensions. FULL STORY >

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