Operation Flashpoint: Red River

By Johan Keyter 9 May 2011

We check our ammo as we prepare to enter combat in the unrelentingly realistic world of Operation Flashpoint: Red River. FULL STORY >


Battlefield and CoD preparing for hundred million dollar ad battle

By Johan Keyter 7 April 2011

EA CEO speak out on massive looming ad battle between popular shooters, as well as what this will mean for the gaming world going forward. FULL STORY >


Crysis 2

By Johan Keyter 5 April 2011

We become one with the advanced nanosuit as we enter the chaotic battle between aliens and humans in the long awaited Crysis 2. FULL STORY >


Duke Nukem stirs with Capture the Babe mode

By Johan Keyter 23 March 2011

Duke Nukem Forever invites a fresh round of controversy with new multiplayer modes. FULL STORY >


Crysis 2 minimum PC specs released

By Hanleigh Daniels 3 February 2011

The minimum specs for the PC version of Crysis 2 have been released. FULL STORY >


Black Ops PS3 troubles continue

By Johan Keyter 15 December 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 errors continue, even after new patches are released. FULL STORY >


Yet another Call of Duty

By Johan Keyter 5 November 2010

Activision announces the development of another new Call of Duty game, scheduled for release this time next year. FULL STORY >


Unbelievable Black Ops zombie mode reveal

By Johan Keyter 1 November 2010

It may only be Monday, but we're giving Black Ops our announcement of the week award for this one. Click the link for the reveal, just know that it contains Zombie mode spoilers. FULL STORY >


International Steam downtime scheduled for later today

By Johan Keyter 11 October 2010

Valve announces four hours of Steam downtime scheduled for later today. FULL STORY >


Zombie mode returns in Call of Duty Black Ops

By Johan Keyter 28 September 2010

We finally receive confirmation that upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops will indeed feature its own zombie mode. FULL STORY >


id Software announces Rage release dates

By Hanleigh Daniels 16 August 2010

The release dates for the hotly anticipated FPS game Rage has been announced. FULL STORY >


Metro 2033

By Hanleigh Daniels 17 May 2010

Metro 2033 is a tense, immersive FPS game that keeps you captivated despite a rather irritating problem with the dialogues in the game. FULL STORY >


Battlefield Bad Company 2 sales top 5 million

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 May 2010

EA's Battlefield Bad Company 2 has sold in excess of five million copies worldwide, whilst the EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa has already sold almost 2 million units globally. FULL STORY >


Battlefield Bad Company 2

By Hanleigh Daniels 25 January 2010

The build-up to the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2, in the first week of March, has reached boiling point with the launch of a singleplayer trailer online. FULL STORY >


Left 4 Dead 2

By Mike Joubert 2 December 2009

The zombie slaughter continues as four new characters are Left 4 Dead in America\'s Deep South. With new weapons and special infected zombies, the game takes butchering the undead to a whole new level. FULL STORY >

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