LG Flatron W1930S

By Thomas McKinnon 29 March 2010

LG understands the need for a secondary monitor for notebook users perfectly. The W1930S is an 18.5inch monitor that stands at roughly the same height as a notebook display. FULL STORY >


LG GM750

By Hanleigh Daniels 23 March 2010

LG's WinMo 6.5 powered GM750 is an entry level smartphone with some pretty useful features, but its OS and resistive touch-screen hamper its performance. FULL STORY >


Sky TV goes 3D with LG

By Hanleigh Daniels 16 March 2010

LG and Sky have joined forces to bring live 3D broadcasts to the masses across the UK, with the Sky Broadcasting Group purchasing 15 000 of LG's 3D TVs, which will be used to entertain patrons in sport pubs and other public venues throughout Britain. FULL STORY >


LG Portable Super Multi Drive GP08 lite

By Hanleigh Daniels 2 March 2010

LG's Portable Super Multi Drive is an elegant, external DVD writer that covers all the basic portable optical requirements. FULL STORY >


LG Home Bakery HB205CJ

By Mike Joubert 24 February 2010

The LG Home Bakery will provide you with delicious fresh bread with the minimum amount of effort from your side. FULL STORY >


LG Mini unveiled

By Hanleigh Daniels 16 February 2010

LG has launched a new smartphone which allows you to sync all the data on your smartphone, notebook or PC as well as network in order to stay current and updated. FULL STORY >


LG Borderless TVs

By Thomas McKinnon 19 November 2009

LG unveiled their borderless SL90 and SL80 HD televisions in South Africa today. FULL STORY >


LG goes Android

By Mike Joubert 15 September 2009

LG has joined the ever growing list of manufacturers using the Android OS with the official announcement of the LGGW620. FULL STORY >


LG M2794A wide LCD TV and Monitor

By Mike Joubert 6 August 2009

LG's 27" M2794A wide LCD monitor is the size solution needed for a small TV area, or as a personal monitor in a room. FULL STORY >


LGs new 3D LCD Panel

By Thomas McKinnon 27 May 2009

LG announced today that it has succeeded in developing a Full HD 23\" 3D LCD panel. FULL STORY >


LG KC550

By Andrew Gould 22 May 2009

The LG-KC550 is designed to easily capture fantastic moments that require a speedy reaction and its dedicated keys allow users to access the most frequently used camera functions with just one click. FULL STORY >


LG KP500 FreeTouch

By Thomas McKinnon 19 May 2009

This attractively-priced full touchscreen handset is complete with the latest touch technology and features found in the existing high-end full touchscreen handsets currently available on the market for a fraction of the price. FULL STORY >


LG BD300

By Thomas McKinnon 25 March 2009

Get the versatile player provided with refreshed previews, ringtones, exclusive special features, and events through BD Live function. Up-to-date content make you feel different whenever you see. Plus, Full HD resolution (1080p) and 1080p upscaling make it the ultimate Bluray Disc... FULL STORY >


LG KS360

By Andrew Gould 7 January 2009

This phone from LG is ideal for those who love texting. It has a full QWERTY keypad that slides out horizontally as well as an accelerometer, so it can tell which way up you're holding it. FULL STORY >


LG X110

By Andrew Gould 26 November 2008

The X110 is a 3G embedded Notebook of stylish design on 10\" form factor. The idea behind the device is More Mobility (Momo) an idea it truly delivers on with its embedded 3G, which few other manufacturers offer in their netbook ranges at present. FULL STORY >

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