Unlicensed software cost SA firms R3.64m in 2016, says BSA

By Press Release 2 May 2017

South African companies paid more than R3.64 million for using unlicensed software in 2016. FULL STORY >


The most pirated movies and TV shows in 2016

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 4 January 2017

According to Torrent Freak, these are the top ten movies and TV shows that people illegally downloaded during 2016. FULL STORY >


Amazon's new Grand Tour series is the most pirated show in history

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 12 December 2016

The former Top Gear presenters new series is the most pirated in history, with Amazon reportedly losing an estimated £3.2 million from the first episode alone. FULL STORY >


Anti piracy organisations set sights on Switzerland

By Ryan Noik 26 November 2013

Switzerland has found itself in anti-piracy organisations’ crosshairs, with several groups criticising that country’s approach to copyright infringement. FULL STORY >


Google takes a stand against pirated content

By Ryan Noik 14 August 2012

Google has updated its search algorithms to bury pirated content lower in its search results. FULL STORY >


HR 1981 and ACTA provide new threats

By Ryan Noik 30 January 2012

While SOPA and PIPA met a quick and sudden death, other threats to internet freedom and user privacy are looming. FULL STORY >


Wikipedia to go dark tomorrow

By Ryan Noik 17 January 2012

Wikipedia will go dark tomorrow in protest against proposed legislation that it asserts would damage the internet. FULL STORY >


Piracy stops I am Alive from coming to PC

By Ryan Noik 25 November 2011

Piracy has all but ensured that the forthcoming action horror game, I am Alive, will not find its way to the PC, and will probably only be available for consoles. FULL STORY >


Eradicating DRM could reduce piracy

By Ryan Noik 10 October 2011

New research suggests that eradicating the restrictions imposed by digital rights management could help reduce piracy. FULL STORY >


Microsoft warns against online software pirates

By Staff Writer 17 August 2011

If the price of software advertised on local web sites seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is the message from Microsoft SA, which has warned of a boom in fake software being sold online to unwitting consumers. FULL STORY >


1st local PS3 jailbreak raid and arrest

By Hanleigh Daniels 3 August 2011

The South African Federation Against Copyright Theft SAFACT announces the successful completion of the first PlayStation 3 jailbreak raid and arrest, conducted in Johannesburg. FULL STORY >


Serial keys may come to PS3 games

By Johan Keyter 8 February 2011

Sony is possibly preparing to introduce serial keys to future PlayStation 3 games, goodbye second hand games market. FULL STORY >


Piracy websites attract billions

By Johan Keyter 12 January 2011

Online piracy continues to grow as content sharing websites become more popular. FULL STORY >


Sony releases new firmware to combat piracy

By Johan Keyter 7 December 2010

Sony releases a new security patch for its PlayStation 3 in the form of firmware update version 3.55. FULL STORY >


The scourge of digital piracy

By Johan Keyter 22 November 2010

Piracy continues to have a major detrimental affect on the computer industry as more criminals become involved. FULL STORY >

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