CellCraft makes science fun

By Johan Keyter 3 August 2010

CellCraft is an innovative free game that teaches kids and adults about microbiology through the joys of gaming FULL STORY >


Top 5 highest grossing science fiction movies

By Johan Keyter 30 July 2010

We look at a rundown of the highest grossing sci fi movies of all time, and some of the entires might surprise you. FULL STORY >


SciNews July 2010

By Linda Pretorius 8 July 2010

This month we take a look at why acupuncture works, how sharks smell and the science behind bubbles. FULL STORY >


SciNews June 2010

By Linda Pretorius 6 June 2010

In this month's SciNews we look at heart problems caused by extra hours in the office, spider silk, and genes' effect on eye colour. FULL STORY >


Enamel microstructure

By Linda Pretorius 14 May 2009

It was a difficult problem to crack, but scientists can at last explain why our teeth (usually) don‘«÷t shatter after a lifetime of biting and chewing. FULL STORY >


Fireworms Advertise

By Linda Pretorius 12 May 2009

An eerie green glow that has baffled sailors for ages is almost like a neon sea-based billboard selling sex for fireworms. FULL STORY >


Neural connections

By Linda Pretorius 8 May 2009

Scientists say in an April issue of the journal Science, that large amounts of proteins clog up the neural connections in sleep-deprived brains. FULL STORY >


The New Brain

By Mike Joubert 6 May 2009

Just how far are we from recreating the human brain? Now movies like A.I., The Matrix, iRobot seem to suggest that machines can attain a level of human like intelligence.Two big scientific attempts the past number of years show that ?°recreating the human brain might just be... FULL STORY >


A New Kind of Science

By Andrew Gould 4 July 2008

WolframTones is an experiment in applying Wolfram ‘«÷s discoveries to the creation of music. FULL STORY >

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