Keep your brain occupied with latest Humble books bundle

By Staff Writer 6 December 2019

You can delve into the Brain Wave 2 bundle for as little as $1. FULL STORY >


Embr Wave brings relief to the cold

By Ryan Noik 5 July 2018

The Embr Wave is a thermostat for your body, and has been receiving good responses for its assistance in fighting cold weather. FULL STORY >


Dell Inc. and Lonely Whale convene cross-industry group to address marine litter

By Press Release 29 January 2018

A cross-industry consortium led by Dell and Lonely Whale is creating the world’s first commercial-scale ocean-bound plastics supply chain to address plastic waste in the oceans. FULL STORY >


Microwave technology – it’s improved and it’s really useful

By Press Release 2 November 2016

Microwave technology has advanced considerably. As the long wait for fibre-to-the-business gets wearisome and begins to hamper productivity and operational effectiveness, and customers begin to move to the competition, microwave... FULL STORY >


HP at IFA 2016: Modular and Wave

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 2 September 2016

HP used this year's IFA 2016 to showcase a few new takes on personal computing to consumers, with speaker-esque and modular desktops FULL STORY >


BitCo debuts licensed spectrum radio network

By Press Release 25 July 2016

BitCo has a National Spectrum License and can now deploy high speed carrier grade last mile connectivity on the low 2 GHz band, offering up to 100Mbps. FULL STORY >


Dell unveils ninth solar-powered classroom at Waverley Girls’ High

By Press Release 6 July 2016

Dell has announced the opening of its ninth solar-powered Learning Lab in South Africa at Waverley Girls’ High. The opening of the solar-powered Learning Lab at Waverley Girls’ High will provide world-class technology and... FULL STORY >


Microwave: adapt, innovate or die

By Staff Writer 15 September 2015

Microwave technologies have a valuable role to play, but service providers and technology need to evolve to meet different market demands, as well as being able to act on new opportunities, according to Hendrik du Plooy of Broadlink FULL STORY >


Science News: March 2015

By Linda Pretorius 16 March 2015

In this month's science news we take a look at unscrambling eggs, an HIV stopper and how dogs perceive faces. FULL STORY >


XTOUCH WAVE smartwatch Waves goodbye to convention

By Staff Writer 7 April 2014

More than a year ago, issuing voice commands right from your wrist seemed a bit far-fetched, but now this is no longer the case. FULL STORY >


Wanted - Internet Service Providers

By Staff Writer 5 October 2012

With more than 22 years of experience in developing CRM Solutions, BluWave Software is the fastest growing locally developed CRM system. FULL STORY >


SciNews - October 2012

By Linda Pretorius 1 October 2012

Beer glass shape, strange waves and wings that won't break - all part of October's SciNews. FULL STORY >


BluWave CRM - Clients come first

By Staff Writer 12 April 2012

BluWave CRM leverages the power of tablet devices to ensure you have access to your data while you are on the move, with the result being more face-to-face selling opportunity and increased sales. FULL STORY >


BluWave - Managing CRM from the cloud

By Staff Writer 12 March 2012

Imagine a world where you can access your data anywhere, anytime and from any device. Well that is now a reality with BluWave CRM. FULL STORY >


RIM acquires Paratek Microwave

By Hanleigh Daniels 9 March 2012

Research In Motion buys adaptive radio frequency component maker Paratek Microwave, to boost the design and capabilities of its smartphones. FULL STORY >

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