Serial keys may come to PS3 games

By Johan Keyter 8 February 2011

Sony is possibly preparing to introduce serial keys to future PlayStation 3 games, goodbye second hand games market. FULL STORY >


Sony losing the hacker battle

By Johan Keyter 28 January 2011

More punches are thrown from both sides as the battle over the PlayStation 3 rootkey rages forward. FULL STORY >


Mark Zuckerberg has Facebook page hacked

By Johan Keyter 27 January 2011

Yesterday an apparent hacker gained access to Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook fan page, posting cryptic messages in the founder's name. FULL STORY >


Sony suing PlayStation 3 hackers

By Johan Keyter 12 January 2011

Sony fights back against PS3 hackers by filing restraining orders against those involved in cracking the console's root key. FULL STORY >


Google in China

By Mike Joubert 2 February 2010

Google have said that they will radically change their China policy after a "highly sophisticated and targeted attack", originated from the country in December 2009, resulting in intellectual property being stolen and human rights activists' accounts being hacked. FULL STORY >


Google suffers sophisticated Chinese hacking attack

By Staff Writer 13 January 2010

Search giant Google to stop censoring Chinese search results after a hacking attack resulted in stolen intellectual property and human rights activists' accounts being hacked. FULL STORY >


Twitter suffers another security breach

By Mike Joubert 16 July 2009

Microblogging site Twitter suffered another blow to its security when an administrative employeeÔÇÖs email account was hacked. FULL STORY >

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