Sci News September

By Linda Pretorius 9 September 2009

We recap some of the latest science discoveries over the last month including how engineering started in southern Africa, how wind speed can tell time and why geckos are such great climbers. FULL STORY >


Sci News August

By Thomas McKinnon 5 August 2009

We recap some of the latest science discoveries over the last month including how we master activities, understanding the life of stars and how cats control humans. FULL STORY >


The Thirty Meter Telescope

By Thomas McKinnon 22 July 2009

Mauna Kea on Hawai\'i Island has been selected as the site for the world‘«÷s next biggest telescope. FULL STORY >


Bees prefer conical flowers

By Linda Pretorius 5 June 2009

According to a study recently published in the journal Current Biology it‘«÷s easier to get a grip on flowers with conical cells on their petals than on those with smooth petals. FULL STORY >


Manufacturing stars

By Thomas McKinnon 1 June 2009

The US‘«÷s National Ignition Facility in Livermore, California, is hoping to recreate conditions that exist at the very centre of the Sun, here on Earth. FULL STORY >


Enamel microstructure

By Linda Pretorius 14 May 2009

It was a difficult problem to crack, but scientists can at last explain why our teeth (usually) don‘«÷t shatter after a lifetime of biting and chewing. FULL STORY >


Fireworms Advertise

By Linda Pretorius 12 May 2009

An eerie green glow that has baffled sailors for ages is almost like a neon sea-based billboard selling sex for fireworms. FULL STORY >


Neural connections

By Linda Pretorius 8 May 2009

Scientists say in an April issue of the journal Science, that large amounts of proteins clog up the neural connections in sleep-deprived brains. FULL STORY >


The New Brain

By Mike Joubert 6 May 2009

Just how far are we from recreating the human brain? Now movies like A.I., The Matrix, iRobot seem to suggest that machines can attain a level of human like intelligence.Two big scientific attempts the past number of years show that ?°recreating the human brain might just be... FULL STORY >

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