Bing rollout Twitter results

By Thomas McKinnon 2 July 2009

Bing to display results based on a search of a name in association with ‘«£twitter‘«ō that include a link to the relevant Twitter page and the latest tweet from that page. FULL STORY >


Bing off to a bang

By Thomas McKinnon 10 June 2009

Microsoft‘«÷s new search engine, Bing, has surprised many by grabbing 11.1% of all US searches in its first week online. FULL STORY >


Home desktop searching

By Lance Terner 4 June 2009

Today a very big proportion of the information we deal with is computerised, with most of it sitting somewhere on your computer‘«÷s hard drive. The very real problem is that it‘«÷s becoming extremely difficult to keep track of the documents, files, pictures and music we... FULL STORY >


Wolfram searches for feedback

By Thomas McKinnon 3 June 2009

Wolfram Research, the company behind Wolfram Alpha, is looking for some feedback on their new ‘«£Computational Knowledge Engine.‘«ō FULL STORY >


Bada Bing

By Mike Joubert 2 June 2009

Bing is Microsoft‘«÷s latest attempt to strangle a bit of the search market away from Google and to a lesser extent Yahoo. FULL STORY >


Wolfram Alpha a very smart calculator

By Mike Joubert 18 May 2009

Wolfram|Alpha is in their own words a ‘«£computational knowledge engine‘«ō. This makes WA excellent for systematic information such as solving calculations, proving the GDP of South Africa, or giving the amount of calories in 340 ml of beer. But if you are... FULL STORY >


Let me Google that for you

By Andrew Gould 9 March 2009

Who among us has never been asked a stupid question on Facebook, a chatroom or forum? FULL STORY >


Improving the best education tool in the world

By Lance Terner 6 August 2008

The Internet is still easily the best, most incredible technological leveller, and anything from home projects to school projects to business ventures can be researched like never before. FULL STORY >

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