Thuthukani Technology Solutions' Mobile360 aims to deliver a holistic approach to EMM

By Staff Writer 1 October 2015

Hinging off of IBM's EMM ecosystem, Thuthukani's new Mobile360 Mobile Device Management solution aims to provide a full range of services to better protect corporate data. FULL STORY >


Let’s achieve balance about the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill

By Staff Writer 22 September 2015

The draft Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill currently out for public comment is timeous in that it proposes legislation that will bring South Africa in line with international laws governing internet-based crimes FULL STORY >


Cisco midyear security report highlights

By Staff Writer 17 September 2015

The Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report which analyses threat intelligence and cybersecurity trends, reveals the critical need for organisations to reduce time to detection (TTD) in order to remediate against sophisticated attacks by highly motivated... FULL STORY >


Businesses report losing up to half a million US dollars due to a security breach

By Staff Writer 16 September 2015

A worldwide survey of more than 5,500 companies in 26 countries, including South Africa, conducted by Kaspersky Lab in cooperation with B2B International in 2015 showed that the most expensive types of security... FULL STORY >


SMEs and information security: don’t leave the door open to data loss

By Staff Writer 16 September 2015

If you run a small business, you may think that data breaches and cybercrime are concerns mostly for big banks, retailers and telecoms companies FULL STORY >


Fortinet unveils industry-leading security framework

By Staff Writer 10 September 2015

Fortinet - the global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, announced its new Software-Defined Network Security (SDNS) framework – the first of its kind across the industry - designed to provide advanced threat protection... FULL STORY >


WIN one of five Global Protection 2016 boxsets from Panda Security

By Staff Writer 2 September 2015

Valued at R700 each, Panda Security is giving five lucky TechSmart readers the chance to win one of its Global Protection 2016 Boxsets. FULL STORY >


Busting the cloud security myth

By Staff Writer 20 August 2015

Data in the cloud is less secure than that in your own offices, right? Wrong – very wrong. FULL STORY >


How data centre security can uphold online democracy

By Staff Writer 17 August 2015

Government hacking of sensitive data has become a norm. This time it’s allegations that Chinese authorities hacked the Office of Personnel Management network, accessing information belonging to millions of US federal employees in what has... FULL STORY >


Security in the age of digital transformation

By Staff Writer 12 August 2015

The quickening pace of change in business today is forcing companies to transform themselves digitally, in new and innovative ways. FULL STORY >


App security: Naivety can no longer be an excuse

By Staff Writer 7 August 2015

The security war will never be won until all stakeholders – developers, service providers, consumers and everyone else in the value chain – start collaborating, sharing information and having open discussions about the threat landscape. FULL STORY >


How to keep your data safe on your mobile device

By Staff Writer 31 July 2015

Smartphones these days are more expensive and powerful than ever, making them prime targets for theft. To that end, HTC has offered some tips to secure your device if lost or stolen. FULL STORY >


Providing seamless protection in today’s changing threat environment

By Staff Writer 28 July 2015

Trend Micro Incorporated continues to focus on making everyone’s digital lives easier and safer. FULL STORY >


New Panda Mobile security improves user experience

By Staff Writer 20 July 2015

Panda Mobile Security for Android includes a new feature designed to prevent loss and theft of mobile devices. FULL STORY >


Video Surveillance Installations: one size does not fit all

By Staff Writer 15 July 2015

Julian Rutland believes there needs to be a shift in attitude away from considering network cameras as a commodity and more as a significant component of a solution that can add true business value to suit each customer’s individual... FULL STORY >

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