WIN one of two Kaspersky Internet Security multi-device 2017 products with TechSmart and Kaspersky Lab

By Staff Writer 17 October 2016

As convenient as the online world is, the digital space is also used by cybercriminals, who are becoming more sophisticated by the day. With that in mind, Kaspersky Lab and TechSmart are... FULL STORY >


Cyber threats and the CFO

By Press Release 29 September 2016

Given the connectedness of organisations today, cyber security has become a fundamental part of business. Nathan Desfontaines, KPMG’s Cyber Security Manager in South Africa, believes that this environment is challenging CFOs to look differently at operational... FULL STORY >


Upcoming security update will address iOS 10's backup flaw says Apple

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 28 September 2016

After confirming that its backup system on iOS 10 is vulnerable, Apple says a security update to address the issue is on the way. FULL STORY >


iOS 10 found to have weakened iPhone and iPad security

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 26 September 2016

In a recent report by a software security company, Apple's new iOS 10 operating system may have inadvertently weakened the security of devices by allowing unauthorised access to localised backups. FULL STORY >


More ingenious cyber threats emerging

By Press Release 19 September 2016

Cyber threats pose a growing danger to companies and individuals, and the risks are constantly evolving like a moving target. An estimated half a million attacks are happening every minute in cyber space, where the hackers are intent on keeping one step... FULL STORY >


Denel establishes business unit to counter cyber threats

By Press Release 16 September 2016

Denel is taking the lead to combat cyber terrorism in South Africa with the establishment of a dedicated business unit to counter the growing global threat to the country’s security and economic interests. FULL STORY >


One in three companies have been hacked, is yours next?

By Press Release 14 September 2016

In the past year, one in every three companies in South Africa reported having experienced cybercrime in one way or the other. As companies continue to bleed billions of Rands due to cybercrime, there is still not enough being done by... FULL STORY >


Gugi Banking Trojan outsmarts new Android 6 Security

By Press Release 7 September 2016

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a modification of the Gugi banking trojan that can bypass new Android 6 security features designed to block phishing and ransomware attacks. FULL STORY >


Sony launches two-stage verification process for PlayStation Network accounts

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 25 August 2016

Having suffered telling security breaches in recent years, Sony finally adds a much needed two-stage verification process to PSN and PSP accounts. FULL STORY >


The end of a free Windows 10: what this means for cybersecurity

By Press Release 24 August 2016

The end of free is real. FULL STORY >


Sophos announces beta release of Sophos Intercept – next-generation endpoint technology to boost protection against unknown ex

By Press Release 4 August 2016

Sophos Intercept integrates next-generation endpoint defence technologies into a single product, including the progressive anti-exploit technology acquired with... FULL STORY >


BlackBerry unveils DTEK50 as world's most secure Android smartphone

By Staff Writer 27 July 2016

The company's second Android-powered device, the DTEK50 from BlackBerry is reportedly the most secure Android smartphone in the world. FULL STORY >


New solution to beat identity theft from Ideco

By Press Release 21 July 2016

The Future of Who I am, according to Ideco. FULL STORY >


Breaking down the walls of isolation to beat cybercrime

By Press Release 20 July 2016

Cyber criminology for financial gain continues to be an escalating global trend but education, being prepared and proactive will go a long way to beating the cyber criminals, notes Graham Croock, director, IT Audit, Risk at Cyber Lab BDO. FULL STORY >


Cyber Security is a Battle of the People versus Email Scammers

By Press Release 28 June 2016

The ‘Nigerian Prince’ or ‘419’ email scams we’ve all seen take advantage of the age-old premise: people can be greedy and gullible. Or to put it more positively – people are intrinsically positive about the motives of... FULL STORY >

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