Kaspersky warns multiple platform security now needed

By Ryan Noik 5 March 2012

According to Kaspersky Lab, the growth of the use of multiple devices has only increased the need for users to take cognisance of having multiple platform security. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Lab highlights trends within mobile security

By Hanleigh Daniels 2 March 2012

Kaspersky Lab delivers its latest data on mobile security, highlighting the trends noticed during 2011. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky makes parental control beta available

By Ryan Noik 28 February 2012

Kaspersky Lab has highlighted an important aspect of using mobile devices, namely security, with the company's release of its beta version Parental Control solution for smartphones and tablets on the Android platform. FULL STORY >


Norton 360 v6 earns highest marks for protection and performance

By Hanleigh Daniels 20 February 2012

The premium Norton by Symantec web security package, Norton 360 version 6.0, has come up tops during independently run performance and protection tests. FULL STORY >


Hackers target Symantecs source code, release it online

By Ryan Noik 8 February 2012

Hackers release stolen source code for Symantec's pcAnywhere software after negotiations fail. FULL STORY >


Cisco releases latest global security threat report

By Ryan Noik 19 January 2012

This week, Cisco released its Annual Security Report which highlights predominant security threats. FULL STORY >


HP - tips for data protection

By Staff Writer 12 January 2012

With many employees bringing their own smartphones and tablets to work, expecting full access to the company network, corporate and confidential data can be all too easily exposed. FULL STORY >


Microsoft unveils silent update plans

By Ryan Noik 20 December 2011

Microsoft recently revealed that it will be silently and automatically updating its Internet Explorer browser on users' computers from January 2012. FULL STORY >


Norton cautions online shoppers this holiday season

By Ryan Noik 8 December 2011

According to Norton local users need to be extra vigilant when shopping online this holiday season. FULL STORY >


Norton Internet Security 2012

By Ryan Noik 15 November 2011

Norton Internet Security 2012 is a comprehensive, full fledged security software that managed to impress us with its balance between accessibility, ease of use and wealth of features. FULL STORY >


Increasing connectivity opens up new cyber threats

By Ryan Noik 11 November 2011

McAfee explains why cybercrime is a growing problem, and why security is so essential. FULL STORY >


McAfee enhances Cloud Security Platform

By Staff Writer 8 November 2011

Antivirus software developer McAfee has announced the latest enhancements to its Cloud Security Platform. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Lab launches online store

By Ryan Noik 8 November 2011

Kaspersky Lab has launched its new local online store, which will offer users security products that have not been available in retail stores. FULL STORY >


Symantec provides tips for keeping your children safe online

By Staff Writer 25 October 2011

Computer security software maker Symantec delivers safety tips for web surfing parents to keep their children safe when they browsing the web. FULL STORY >


How businesses can tame the tablet

By Ryan Noik 25 October 2011

The number of employees bringing their personal tablets to work has posed a challenge to companies to better manage their employees' needs for greater mobility, while ensuring sensitive data is kept secure. FULL STORY >

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