Johannesburg precinct sets standards for and showcases sustainability

By Staff Writer 19 April 2024

While Melrose Arch is well known for its array of shops and restaurants, it may come as a surprise just how sterling an example it sets for using cutting edge technology to be a sustainable precinct as well. FULL STORY >


Using data to increase access to water for shared prosperity in Africa

By Industry Contributor 19 March 2024

Data will play an invaluable role in helping public and private sector stakeholders across Africa identify ways to increase access to water for all while managing this commodity. Satyajit Dwivedi from SAS explains. FULL STORY >


Responsibility where it matters: Promoting sustainability across the supply chain

By Industry Contributor 18 March 2024

Marcel Bruyns, Sales Manager for Africa at Axis Communications, explains why prioritising sustainability in South Africa is now a strategic necessity. FULL STORY >


WSP helps Vodacom achieve prestigious 5-star rating for Midrand buildings

By Staff Writer 13 March 2024

Vodacom, with the aid of WSP in Africa, has been awarded 5-Star Existing Building Performance (EPB) certifications as part of its commitment to sustainability. FULL STORY >


Industry Insight - Navigating the SA Automotive Sector’s Green Transition

By Industry Contributor 6 March 2024

Justin Manson, Sales Director at Webfleet, looks at the driving forces and likely evolution of the Electrical Vehicle (EV) market. FULL STORY >


AI and Environmental Sustainability – a symbiotic relationship

By Industry Contributor 26 February 2024

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) promises to be more transformative than any other technology in recent memory, with the power to give rise to new industries and professions while propelling the global economy toward a... FULL STORY >


Electric Vehicle charge points – a cybersecurity risk?

By Staff Writer 13 February 2024

The growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) will increase the number of EV charging stations, making it essential not to underestimate the importance of cybersecurity. FULL STORY >


Building sustainable battery giga factories

By Industry Contributor 26 January 2024

Peter Hodgkinson from WSP unpacks the role of battery giga factories in meeting net zero targets. FULL STORY >


The evolving role of the CIO requires a focus on sustainability

By Industry Contributor 17 January 2024

Sarwar Khan, BT Global Head of Digital Sustainability, explains how the role of the CIO is changing and what its new requirements are in in the face of AI. FULL STORY >


How AI helps drive enterprise sustainability initiatives

By Industry Contributor 24 November 2023

By Julie Kae, VP of Sustainability and DE&I, Executive Director of Qlik.org FULL STORY >


Rethinking road infrastructure for a more sustainable future

By Industry Contributor 25 October 2023

John Rammutla from WSP Africa explains securing a world that can support life now requires global concerted efforts in tackling the urgent challenge of climate change. FULL STORY >


Growing Sustainability Through Colocation Services

By Industry Contributor 16 October 2023

Sarwar Khan, Global Head of Digital Sustainability at BT, explains why colocation is becoming a growing priority for many organisations. FULL STORY >


Vodacom highlights how energy partnerships are key to solvng the power crisis

By Ryan Noik 9 October 2023

Vodacom South Africa, Eskom, and the National Business Initiative (NBI) joined forces to shine a spotlight on the critical issue of power generation. FULL STORY >


WSP helps Vedanta

By Staff Writer 3 October 2023

A mining company, along with the aid of WSP, have shown how possible it is to achieve a Net Zero Carbon Rating, and source clean energy for its offices. FULL STORY >


BT partners with SAP to transform carbon emissions visibility

By Staff Writer 13 September 2023

A newly announced pioneering partnership is set to standardise sustainability reporting across global value chains and tackle Scope 3 emissions. FULL STORY >

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