Optimising a building’s energy consumption through data analysis

By Industry Contributor 15 July 2022

By Frikkie Malan, head of sustainability at Remote Metering Solutions FULL STORY >


Embracing the era of smart, sustainable, and slick buildings

By Industry Contributor 23 June 2022

Globally, there is a significant drive to achieve a net zero carbon footprint and make buildings more sustainable and energy efficient. But this extends beyond the environment and must incorporate the health and wellbeing of people as... FULL STORY >


New RUN PUMA x FIRST MILE running gear range made from recycled material

By Staff Writer 8 June 2022

The company is venturing towards sustainability, with its latest effort being RUN PUMA x FIRST MILE, a collection of sustainable running gear featuring pieces made from at least 47% recycled materials. FULL STORY >


Addressing cybersecurity and climate change for a sustainable society

By Industry Contributor 26 May 2022

As leaders from around the world get together at Davos to discuss the critical issues that are impacting the sustainability of our planet and society, they must consider both climate change and cybersecurity as integral to... FULL STORY >


Dell Technologies helps SA businesses sustainably retire IT equipment

By Staff Writer 8 April 2022

Dell Technologies has announced the expansion of its Asset Recovery Services with new availability in South Africa. The service supports any brand of laptop, desktop, server, peripheral or accessory, helping customers receive... FULL STORY >


More Than 60% of Companies Prioritize ESG in Their Digital Transformations

By Staff Writer 4 April 2022

More than 80% of companies plan to increase their investments in sustainability, but putting ESG at the top of the priority list does not guarantee success. A new BCG report details the digital building blocks for... FULL STORY >


Cotton On group makes unprecedented business commitment to purpose-driven retail

By Staff Writer 7 March 2022

One of South Africa’s retailers, the Cotton On Group, has detailed how it is strengthening its commitment to sustainability and purpose-led business in all areas of its operation. FULL STORY >


Vodacom unwraps planting sustainability hopes for the planet - and the future

By Ryan Noik 7 March 2022

Vodacom recently unveiled what it is doing to empower Early Childhood Development Centres (EDCs) across the country and how the pandemic has only cemented the commitment to people and planet orientated projects. FULL STORY >


Sustainability as a team sport: how to build a sustainable business in 2022

By Industry Contributor 11 February 2022

According to Tracy Bolton, Chief Operating Officer at SAP Africa, organisations across Africa will have to take bold steps to limit harmful activities and mitigate the impact of a changing climate. FULL STORY >


Where sustainable farming, cutting edge technology and smart investing converge

By Ryan Noik 6 December 2021

While farming and technology may seem like polar opposites, at a recent event in Pretoria, financial services provider Fedgroup showed how the two arenas, along with smart financial services, could blend together to... FULL STORY >


Think Green: 5 sustainability priorities for a “greener” data centre

By Industry Contributor 16 November 2021

Lenovo's Jim Holland talks to the necessity for datacentres to adopt five particular priorities to be more energy efficient in light of the current energy crisis. FULL STORY >


Puma working on more sustainable version of the iconic Suede sneaker

By Staff Writer 9 November 2021

The iconic sneaker is getting an environmentally conscious makeover. FULL STORY >


Paving the way for EVs: how greener cars will change road trips and infrastructure

By Staff Writer 2 November 2021

Adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is set to pick up in South Africa in years to come, driving changes to filling stations, road trips and how people pay to power their vehicles. FULL STORY >


Crosscall: Here's how to reduce your digital impact

By Staff Writer 27 September 2021

What is digital pollution and how can we reduce our impact? Julien Fouriot, Sales Director for Africa, Crosscall provides 5 top tips to reduce your digital impact. FULL STORY >


New Puma shoebox design set to save 2800 tonnes of cardboard

By Staff Writer 20 September 2021

Puma has introduced a new shoebox design which it notes will save 2800 tonnes of cardboard every year. FULL STORY >

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