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A new video series, launched by Dell EMC South Africa, takes the ideal of the playing field being levelled for businesses to a pragmatic level, offering insights and next steps for medium-sized businesses.

Medium-size businesses do not have to stand back and watch the transformation of large organisations. Rather, as unpacked at the recent Dell Technologies Summit, the floodgates of technology have opened for everyone. Medium businesses, in particular, can take advantage of fantastic breakthroughs available at very affordable and manageable levels.

“The medium business of the past would have to ask what it can do without,” explains Sabine Dedering, Regional Sales Director at Dell Technologies South Africa. “Today they can consider what great things they can do, because major business services, devices and infrastructure have become very scalable and are easier to align with the size and ambitions of smaller businesses,” she continues.

The steps towards modernisation

Yet while the building blocks are available, numerous medium businesses are still unsure of how to adopt these in the most effective and risk-free ways. It’s not enough that the services are available. Medium Businesses benefit the most from a partner that understands their needs as well as the ebbs and flows of the enterprise technology world. Such a partner can bring the biggest transformational technologies in service of any size of organisation.

As one of the major international technology vendors, with a portfolio that ranges from software services to infrastructure, from security to data analytics, it can help ignite the four steps to modernise any company. Dedering elaborates:

“The first step is to break from the past - stepping away from the view that technology is a thin layer of the business and, instead, see its value as a business driver. A simple example is adopting modern devices such as 2-in-1 notebooks that truly do deliver better workflows and employee engagement. This is in tandem with thinking big: a medium business isn’t limited by infrastructure and scale as they were in the past. The potential out there today is incredible.”

Such capabilities are further enhanced by new cost options, enabling the step of spending smarter: “A medium business can now spend smarter, cherry-picking the right combination of solutions to fit their strategy and budget. New finance models make this even more possible and the total cost of ownership is much lower than before. The step underpinning all of these is finding an all-in-one partner that can deliver all the solutions required, from deployment to security.”

Strategy essentials

Medium businesses require a plan for their strategy and vision. Dell Technologies recognises this appetite for transformation and put its weight as an international player to support medium business development in South Africa. Every plan is unique, but it combines the expertise, services, technologies and financial flexibility that only Dell Technologies can bring to the table.

Customers can save up to a quarter of PC lifecycle management costs, boost refresh cycles by 8 months through Dell’s PC-as-a-Service model, invest in the lowest cost-per-gigabyte flash storage choices, install effective business continuity services and even equip their staff with the best in devices and peripherals.

“If you tick the above boxes, you’d swear we’re talking to enterprises,” said Dedering. “But that is the fantastic nature of today’s technology choices: these are all accessible and affordable to medium businesses. Many don’t realise that potential because they can’t see a way forward into the digital era.”

From deployment to security, support to replacement - and all at costs and within a model that medium businesses can control - Dell Technologies stressed that it is here to help raise African businesses to new heights through dynamic end-to-end solutions.

You can watch the first installment in the Dell Technologies Medium Business Video Series below.



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