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Society is evolving rapidly and technology is pervading all aspects of our lives. To keep up with these changes education must become more flexible, creative, and challenging. In this panorama, technology helps open up new possibilities to create engaging learning opportunities.

As an organisation that breaks down barriers between people and technology, Acer is a partner well suited to meet the needs of modern educational institutions. At Acer we believe that the most valuable part of computing lies in the power to spread knowledge, and we see it as our responsibility to equip today’s generation with the knowledge needed to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

This approach has been instrumental in Acer’s success as an IT partner in the Southern African education market. Acer has been the number 1 selling vendor in Southern Africa for the last 2 years and is continuously striving to improving and tailoring our learning tools for each specific region.

The Shalom School project forms part of the Acer strategy to truly make a difference in communities by opening a new world of learning opportunities to children who have not had the this opportunity in the past. The Shalom School is situated in Kanyama, one of the largest shanty compounds in Lusaka. The school has been founded and currently is managed by charity organization Africa Calls. The Shalom School's focus lies in the inclusion of disabled pupils, who would have otherwise been excluded from the education system. The School accommodates 875 pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Acer provided a number of desktops, monitors, projectors as well as additional accessories. This project will be closely monitored by Acer and partners to ensure the success in terms of actual improvement in results and is based on already extremely successful Acer for Education projects and Initiatives in other Southern African regions which includes:

1.            Mary Mount School, Rashinga, Zimbabwe

2.            Orlando Pirates Learning Centre, Soweto, South Africa

3.            Science & Technology Train, Matjiesonftein, South Africa

The results achieved from the integration of Acer equipment in schools will be shared with the global community as research on how technology enhances learning emerges.

Zambia is a key focus area in education for Acer, and projects like Shalom School will be the first of many collaborations and initiatives in this country. Acer is excited about introducing new education focused products and solutions to the Zambia education system during the year of 2015.



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