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Apple Doctor. There are a few things that come to mind when hearing such a name – why so? They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, is it a doctor’s office? Is it a new dietary plan? No. It’s one of the best specialised Apple mobile device repairing companies this country has.

As digital disruption is on a constant up-rise and competitive innovation continuously growing, Apple Doctor has found themselves in a situation where they can confidently lead expertise in the mobile device repairing industry, having lived and experienced this environment over the last two decades.

With 24 years of repairing experience respectively, Apple Doctor was founded by James Winter and Sean Joffe – two businessmen who have been actively involved in the history of cellular start-ups. Although the Apple Doctor tradename is fairly new in the industry, not many people are aware that the Apple Doctor team has been repairing phones since Vodacom and MTN entered the country in 1994 and have been doing so ever since, unlike other competing services in the industry.

“Having been in the industry for so long, we’ve seen how technology has changed the way consumers live their lives – when it fails, it’s an emotional experience and there’s an inherent urgency to get it whole again. We started Apple Doctor because we get it, this is the core of our philosophy – cost effective, quick, good repairs” Says Sean Joffe, Co-founder and Chief Strategist.

“Between the rise of non-formal repair outlets – who offer customers low cost and possibly substandard services – and other well-known repairers who are initiating unnecessary high pricing – we feel that customers for far too long have been blindsided by the truths of repairing and the prices that come with it,” Joffe adds “Through our training, equipment and experience we can proudly say that we have managed to for the first time, aggressively reduce industry prices by more than 50% within 6 months”.

With the iPhone 6 currently being one of the most repaired devices locally – Apple Doctor, through great effort, has achieved a never-before-seen ultra-low benchmark price of R999 for all iPhone 6 screen replacements, kicking off as a permanent offer as of 1st May – this reduction extends to all models Apple Doctor repairs.

To find out where you can have your Apple diagnosed, visit Apple Doctor has a national footprint of repair centres and services range from screen repairs, battery replacements, audio repairs, liquid damage and many more.



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